Luca Palonca

ETL Engineer - Techedge

What is Avvale?

Avvale (formerly Techedge) is a large consulting firm that provides IT services to large corporate clients. The company offers a wide range of services including consulting, software development, infrastructure management, and system integration.

My role in Avvale

As an ETL Developer in Avvale, I played a key role in developing and maintaining ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes on Oracle databases using ODI and other ETL tools to load data into Data Warehouses (DWHs) and Data Marts (DMs). I also implemented some custom solutions with Python.

Technology Stack:

This broad knowledge base allowed me to effectively manage complex ETL projects and collaborate seamlessly with other developers and stakeholders.


  1. Developing and Maintaining ETL Processes: I developed and maintained efficient and scalable ETL processes to load data into various DWHs and DMs.

  2. Implementing Custom Solutions with Python: I implemented some custom solutions with Python to automate ETL tasks and improve process efficiency.

  3. Enhancing Data Integrity: I worked closely with clients to ensure data integrity throughout the ETL process.

  4. Reducing Implementation Times: I contributed to reducing ETL project implementation times by automating and optimizing processes.

  5. Improving Data Quality: I contributed to improving data quality by implementing quality controls and error handling.

During my tenure at Avvale, I consistently demonstrated my expertise in the ETL field and my ability to solve complex problems. My contributions had a significant impact on customer satisfaction, earning me recognition as a valuable member of the development team.